Architectural & Planning Services
Site Appraisal
Before starting work on a design, we will assess the constraints and features of the site, existing buildings, and the client’s needs and aspirations. Additionally, we have the experience to discuss project budgets and scope.
Planning Application 
We will consult the local authority’s planning department to assess whether the developing design is likely to gain planning permission. Then we produce detailed drawings of your project, suitable for a planning application. This is the stage at which major decisions about the appearance of the house are taken.

Building Regulations 
A Building Regulations application is developed, consisting of drawings, structural calculations and specifications describing the basic construction of your development. The technical drawings will conform to current Building Regulations. We will prepare the application, submit it to the local authority, and deal with any queries that may arise.

AutoCAD Designs​
We use computer aided design techniques (AutoCAD) producing accurate, fully coordinated, and easy to read drawings.